Welcome to my blog! I am interested in all things wellness. You will find topics including psychology, yoga, alignment, meditation, mindfulness, healthy lifestyle, recipes, ritual, and interviews with other wellness professionals to name a few. I am very excited to bring you my voice and expertise in these areas. My goal is to connect with community, grow, and share together.

I have been a practicing clinician as well as a yoga instructor for nearly ten years. My focus has been to help people feel better in their minds and bodies. Throughout the past decade, I have worked with people of all ages. One thing almost everyone has in common, is the desire to feel more connected to themselves, family, peers, their work, or their lives in some way. Many people do not phrase their goal this way but, it almost always boils down to that. I hope to inspire you to be your best self and to stay connected to what fuels you. I bow to everyone I encounter on my path because you surely make me want to be my best. Together we will learn to let go of who we thought we should be and embrace who we are.

In Community,


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