I offer coaching as a lighter, more action focused service to help clients with their goals personally, professionally, and health related. Balancing our busy lives and optimizing for ultimate wellness and success takes some thought and practice. Through coaching, you can learn tools to help you take the steps you desire toward a more healthy, actualized self.  It can be tough to make space for all of the things we want in our life.  Learn how to optimize your time for a healthier and happier self. This service is different than therapy in the sense that we are looking at more practical applications of modern tools for wellness.

I have been trained in yoga, meditation and mindfulness in addition to my formal education as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. Through coaching, I strive to support individual’s overall happiness, productivity, and balance for well-being. This service can include a variety of experiments and referrals. It is nice to have someone in your corner when you are trying to make positive, healthy life changes. I am here to support you.