My philosophy in working with youth and adults is to share cognitive and mindfulness techniques, in a supportive and safe setting, to help my clients make positive changes in their thoughts and actions. Utilizing personal accountability, combined with humor and lightness, I aim to help clients cultivate compassion for themselves, so they are perhaps more willing to experiment with these new tools. I strive to help my clients come back into their bodies, more effectively process their feelings, and move more decisively toward wellness.  We work hard to enumerate the communities of support available to them, including their family system when appropriate, in an effort to prevent the sense of isolation often common in life. My theory of practice is to be flexible and sensitive in my style while moving clients toward a more confident, realized version of themselves.

My approach includes integrative psychotherapy techniques such as cognitive behavioral therapy as well as many holistic methods including mindfulness and meditation techniques. My clients will leave with a better understanding of how to help themselves and will gain a set of practical tools to support their continued healing.

I have a unique background in therapy, mindfulness, yoga, and meditation. Each situation requires a different lens, set of tools, and open heart. I strive to help my clients feel empowered to move forward in their life. There are very few things we can control as humans on this planet. Our thoughts, words, and actions are our only controls. When we can learn to shift and grow these three things, our world can open up to wellness.