Therapy, Coaching & Yoga 

with Marissa Nasca, LCSW


Welcome to my wellness practice!

As A LIcensed Clinical Social Worker, I am available to assist your growth with the variety of services I offer in the San francisco bay area. My approach is informed by cognitive behavioral therapy, mindfulness, and holistic wellness practices including yoga and meditation. I help people work through Life's Challenges, let go of past pain, and move forward with confidence and joy.

FEEL (PSYCHOTHERAPY) become aware of your feelings and learn to work with perceived blocks in your personal well being and growth. Break patterns in your mind and build tools to help maintain a happier, more balanced state. 

ACTUATE (COACHING) bring your dreams to reality by creating a safe place to discuss steps for your own personal success. build on goals & learn new techniques for being the best you

MOVE (YOGA) learn to listen to your body & stabilize your foundation for growth. build a toolkit for working with what physically shows up in your body through private, public & corporate yoga classes


My philosophy in working with youth and adults is to share cognitive and mindfulness techniques, in a supportive and safe setting to help my clients make positive changes in their thoughts and actions. Utilizing personal accountability, combined with humor and lightness, I aim to help clients cultivate compassion for themselves, so they are perhaps more willing to experiment with these new tools. ~Marissa Nasca